We Will Meet!

Today on first death Anniversary of my brother I pray to my guardian angels, God and Universe to heal everyone’s scars who have lost someone dear in hands of death.

Past one year has snatched from me many loving relations but in return gave me a new insight, showed me a new light and revealed the secrets of this as well as that side of Universe.

Even in pain I’m hopeful and full of gratitude towards Him!

Whenever life takes away something very precious it has a motive behind it. We learn our important lessons during this period. Our growth and purpose of coming on this earth is laid behind there in pain, hardships, separations and tests.

Just accept whatever comes your way but never let it harden you in any way. Be humble, polite, loving and kind. This is what life is about.

Sending my love and prayers to all who have lost someone dear.

18 thoughts on “We Will Meet!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Can totally relate to it.
      Yes they are always near us. They could see us all the time. Read the book ‘The laws of spirit world’. It will give you peace.

      Feel free to connect with me anytime.
      Sending you peace 💕

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  1. I know the pain of losing a dear loved one…it’s an unimaginable torture which has the potential to break you apart…but what matters is how we pick ourselves up again … if not for us but atleast for those who matter to us and for them whom we matter…and for the peace of the departed. Satisfied to see the way you have accepted this reality life and being strong!

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    1. Thank You Sifar! I’m touched to know you still remember all from last year. I remember you wished me Birthday through your post in beautiful words.

      Time keeps moving and we have to choose to be brave for ourselves and our loved ones.

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  2. May Lord give you strength! Such unbearable losses teach us the eternal truth of our existence that in no other way do we get to learn and we begin to value things and people around us more without getting too attached.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. That’s so true. These losses are calls for spiritual awakening. We only try to know the other side or The Truth only when he awakens us.
      I was spiritual by nature from an early age but the true transformation begin when my brother was in trouble. The true journey is just five years old.

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