Blur#Daily Prompt#Attempt 91

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest 

Standing in present
Framing the past
Trying to weave future
Confusing the heart
All going Blur
Clear is present
Still ignored by all
Horses of thoughts
Running free and fast
Rider is confused
Who is directing whom
Where it want to reach
From where did it start
Losing ground of reality
Wasting blessings of life!
Neither past nor future
Only present knows the art
Stay still
Enjoy its beauty
Life is not as hard
As it seems
Memories of past
And future’s dreams
Are just illusions
Present is the only gift
Unwrapping it
Let’s start living!


Translate#Daily Prompt#Attempt 90

Translate if you can
Language of my love
Written in my eyes
Still hidden from world
As it is most difficult code
Not easy to translate
Covered with dark emotions
Behind my feelings and notions
Only could be understood
By the one for whom
They have been written!
All that was said
And left Unsaid…
I only wish
Could reach there
Where it meant…
And get translated
Before life ends.


Expectation#Daily Prompt#Attempt 86

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest 

Shine of the glowing
Erasing darkness
All around
And spreading its aura
Making everything bright
On cost of
Melting and burning itself
She keeps on
Spreading light!
Without getting
Anything back
Though she is just a
Simple candle
Giving us such a
Big lesson
Erase darkness from
Other’s life
By illuminating
Light of love!
Without any
My love for you
Is also like this candle
Glowing in its flames
Is my heart’s desires
Just praying and
Wishing you well
All my life from
A distance!