Ordinary/Meaningless/Daily Prompt/Season 2/Attempt 12


Stark dark night
You think is your life
Meaningless …a waste!
Nothing is visible
Not a ray of hope
But this is not the case
You are no Ordinary
Never could be
He himself saved you
More than twice
There must be some plan of him
For you
Just keep faith
And let’s fight
One more time
Be brave
And bring back your time
From ICU (Intensive Care Unit)
To IBU (I believe You)
To honor his blessings
Shining bright!


Acceptance#Daily Prompt#Season2#Attempt 10

Different rivers
Taking different routes
During course of their life
In the end
Merge in the same ocean
As their final destination
Source of serenity, depth
Sometimes calm sometimes wild and very mysterious!
No one can ask or claim
River’s identity after it becomes one
With infinite bed of water!

Different souls
Playing different roles
In the end
As their final home
Merge in same ONE
Becoming part of him
No religion, no division
Can come to claim
The identity of soul
Belonging to any specific religion
After it becomes Whole!
Merging in its source!

That one unknown
Omnipresent divine!
Set examples
As water in sea
As air in sky
As our identity as soul
Infinite and whole
Proves us blind followers
Fighting over caste, religion or nations
Acceptance of human as human
Is only way to liberate the soul!
To lead peaceful life!


Minimal#Daily Prompt#Season 2#Attempt 9

Minimal requirements
Minimal needs
Minimal clothes
Still unlimited hopes
They know how to go
With life’s flow
They have eyes
To see light
Behind darkness of life
They have heart
That knows the art
To paint their sky
They have ears to hear
Even minimal sound
Of life’s happy tune
They know how to grow flowers
In valley of weeds
Though they don’t have
Heavy bank balance
Or luxurious life
Still they are best example
For those who have all these
But still they cry
And go for advice
To highly paid therapists!
These happy small town kids
They are free, loving souls
With minimal knowledge
And big happy smiles
All they know is
Art of living
With minimal complaints
A true way of life!