अलविदा/ Alvida

रुक गईं साँसें तेरी 

थम गई कलम मेरी 

अब जो बहता है वो दर्द है 

अब जो थमता है वो वक्त है

चलती हैं साँसें मेरी 

पर रुक गई जिंदगी वहीं 

जहाँ अलविदा कहा तुझे 

वहीं खुद से मैं जुदा हुई।

Ruk gayi sansein teri

Thum gayi kalam meri

Ab jo behta hai vo dard hai

Ab jo thamta hai vo waqt hai

Chalti hain sansein meri

Par ruk gayi zindagi vahin

Jahan alvida kaha tujhe

Vahin khud se mein zuda hui

Happy Birthday – Meenakshi Ji!


This is the best wish I guess I ever received.  Though I decided to not pick my ph today or accept any wish on this Birthday as my heart is full of pain today. My younger brother is losing his fight for life in ICU. But when my father called me at 12 today to wish me birthday from hospital he told me my brother even in state of half consciousness was trying to send me his wishes. Then I received this wish here on WP and feeling overwhelmed.  

I don’t know what is in store for my family but still I want to thank Almighty for this precious life. 

कहीं जश्न ए जिंदगी 

कहीं इंतजार ए मौत 

बड़ी बेरहम है वक्त की मार

बड़ा बेदर्द है इसका खौफ 


Toothbrush# daily prompt #season 3#attempt 26

Your toothbrush, towel and comb
Are all looking abandoned
Come back and use them
Once again with your sweet dimple smile
While singing that old song…
But Alas! Deep we all know
That is not possible anymore 
Hopes are fading fast
Eyes are shut lost in prayers
Chants for your peaceful departure
Is what we are asking from God!
No pain could be greater than this
No loss is more than this loss.