All That I Didn’t Say

Varnish# daily prompt # season 4# attempt 38 Relations varnished with Love and trust Flourish with happiness Emotions varnished with Silky threads of words Give birth to poems Unspoken feelings varnished with Silver silence is All that I didn't say Image Courtesy: Pinterest  Copyright (c) 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 


Naked Truth

Gorge# daily prompt # season 4# attempt 37# Acrostic G round on which we were standing together O nce which seemed rigid and firm, now R ipped apart, creating G orge rocky and deep E xhibiting the distance between us Image Courtesy:Pinterest  Copyright (c) 2017 Meenakshi Sethi,  Wings Of Poetry

Monsoon Smiles :)

Friday Fabbles #monsoon challenge #haiku series This Challenge is hosted by Sangbad for the Fortnight Friday Fables jointly withSheetal Bharadwaj. The rules are : Write a haiku on Monsoon. Now, remember Haiku is the easy part. The main challenge is:  Writing shall not be in a conventional manner i.e. 5-7-5 or free-verse; it shall follow the following pattern– i. 3-5-3 ii. [...]

Moon and Myth

Riding on seven white horses chariot Moon roams through sky every night Once when he was a kid And misbehaved with his mom She cursed him to shrink and grow For whole life! Now waxing and waning is Moon's destiny Which we watch at sky every night! Though his mother is still confused What kind [...]