Inspirational Blogger Award 

The day after declaring my blog Award free I’m unable to resist sharing this last one as it is given so lovingly that I cannot deny accepting it. 

Thank You so much for this honor. Friends do visit this blog it is one of the most beautiful blog not only for writing but in presentation too. 

I’m sharing this post on my blog along with one of your poem which is my favorite-

No,don’t say goodbye.

That is such painful word.

And is not just an word.

Goodbye is an eclipse over the sky of hope.

Goodbye is an hurricane, it will take away all the smiles.

Goodbye is an storm,it will take away the calmness from the heart.

Goodbye is an heartless warrior,has not companions.

Goodbye is an wind,it will bring sadness over the field of flourished love.

It will bring tears.

So please don’t say goodbye.

Inspirational Blogger Award

My  nomination goes to

Interactions with poems on the blog always inspire me to create more,to think wiser,to feel deeper.

The rules of this awards are

To inform the blogger that you nominated for the award.

To share the Award  on your blog.

To share on your blog one of the posts,articles,poems,prose ect. of the nominated blogger.

To post  a link of an post which is written as inspirational outcome of blogger that you nominated.


”Are there enough stars
In lap of sky
For everyone to have one
AndCraft a new life
Under its light
Shining and bright
Illuminating with tranquility
Opening new entrance
To enter in that peaceful world
Where there is unshakable smile
On every face
And spiritual glow in every eye!
Are there enough stars! O sky!
My turbulent heart needs a reply!”

I get inspired even when comment on this such beautiful poetry

Here is my comment on the poem


”Stay in love
Look how beautiful is the sky
Feel how beautiful is your heart
I hold an star for you here in my soul
And the sky is still beautiful without it
Stay in love,stay in my heart,stay in my lines💞

Thank you

Awards 2017

After a long time I’m sharing these awards. Thank you so much friends for niminating me and really sorry to those whose nominations I missed to share.
After this share I’m declaring my blog Award Free. So that new emerging writers could get nominated and inspired just the way I used to be.
Here are awards of this year! Thank You once again friends!


Sharing all the awards I received in past few weeks. I’m genuinely thankful to all those who nominated my blog for these awards. Thank You so much guys!

Triple nomination for Blogger Recognition Award from-

Varun from My Art & Me

Dilip from

Harsh from


Second nomination from

Thank You for nominating my blog.


Thank You so much Niharika Suri from for this nomination


Blogger Recognition Award

Hello everyone!I want to thank each and everyone of you for showering your love on me and reading all my post making them better by your precious comments.

I am so happy to receive this award from one of my very good friend and fellow blogger THE SHOWER OF BLESSINGS! She has become a true inspiration for me.I have learnt a new way of living life from her.Thank you so much Meriam not only for nominating but all your love that you shower on me!

The Rules:

  1. Write a post to show your award.
  2. Give a brief history on how your blog started.

3.Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

  1. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

5.Select other blogs you want to give the award to them.


I used to write poems and other things which I used to share with a very special friend of mine. So it was my friend who insisted me to start a blog almost four years back but I never took him seriously. As for me my poems were just a time pass and some scribbles and a little bit private too. But then suddenly I lost connection with this friend and then one day when I was missing my friend a lot, I thought of starting this blog. I started it on 25th July 2016. And here I am enjoying every moment spend here.

So I never forget to mention my special friend and guide who with his advice gifted me such a beautiful platform to share my write ups.A big thanks to you my dear friend!


  1. First thing to follow for new bloggers is reaching out to as many blogs as you can.Read their post and comment honestly.This way you can bring new followers to your own blog.
  2. Second advice is try to keep your posts short and to the point making them attractive with images, quotes and simplicity.

I would like to nominate some of new bloggers here so that they could get recognition in this beautiful world of wordpress and get inspired.

Here are my Nominations-

Fatmath Shifa from

A from arrowwrites

Tanya from

Link to The Shower Of Blessings-

Source: Blogger Recognition Award

Real Neat Blog Award

Thanks to “Universe Unexplored” for nominating wings of poetry for the ‘Real Neat Bolg Award’. I am grateful to you to choose this blog for such a beautiful award! 

Sorry for the delay in accepting and sharing it. (Proves how lazy am I) 😉
You should visit this blog which is not only neat but strikingly beautiful too

I would like to nominate following bloggers for this award-

Sound of silence




Congratulations to you all! Although no one is bound to accept it! 🙂

Awards and Awards!

This is perfect Diwali gift to me from my fellow bloggers, rain of awards! 🙂

So many awards making me feel honored and thankful to all of you who feel I deserve these.


So here are is my first award of ‘Most Positive Blogger’ for which I’m thankful to Thank you Radhika for nominating me. I find her blog even more positive and full of inspirational posts.
Here is the link to the award-




Here is my second award by cp_chitra_cp THE PASSIONIST, which she truly is!

Mystery Blogger Award

Are my blog post really looks mysterious? 🙂 I am actually happy to receive this!

Here are rules to accept this award-

Three things about me:

  1. I am as human as you all are, just a little more emotional, so may be emotions of my posts makes me look mysterious!
  2. My posts may make you think I am too emotional but they never make me too weak. So basically I am strong enough to deal with whatever life presents!
  3. I give value to love, kindness and humanity more than anything else!

Here are answers to the questions asked by Chitra-
Q- If you wish to be something, then what would it be?

A- I would love to be a singer but unfortunately I can’t sing well! I wish I could! 🙂

Q- If you are asked to go to some place freely, where would you go?

A- I wish!! If I could go to some place freely, I would love to travel around every beautiful city of this globe spending a day or two everywhere.

Q-If you are about to choose your favorite pet, which one would it be?

A- Pet No!!!! I love and respect freedom of every creature, so I don’t believe or even like keeping pets. I think animals and birds should live freely and not under our four walls. Sorry!


Q-If you are free to go to any planet, which one would it be?

A- Hmm…let me roam our own planet first. I guess I need many lives for it! 🙂
Q- If you have an unanswered question in your mind, what is it?

A- There are too many…but I would like to know the answer to this particular one- Why out of millions of people on this earth one special one become so special that life looks meaningless without him/her?

Link to my best post (according to me)

Loving You Is Loving Myself!


My Nominees are:



Finally its my turn to ask questions. Here I go-

Q- When and who was your first crush?

Q- What was your most embarrassing moment?

Q- What made you laugh today?

Q- Did you ever hurt someone in any way?

Q- Do you have answer to my last answer to Chitra’s question?



Third Award is The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank You so much rules640 for nominating me for this award!

Questions asked by rules640 are-

Here goes my answers:

A1- A friend

A2- Reading

A3- Its not a one time thing, once in love always in love!

A4- I will call my daughter

A5- I allow myself to stay there and come out of it naturally!

A6- I love exploring new places. Going to same place again and again can be boring.

A7- Tare Zameen Par

A8- I read more of inspirational and spiritual books, so can’t answer this. I love being in novel written by Almighty about me. So I love being me 🙂

A9- Always Mother Teresa

A10- All types mostly poetry, inspirational and yes recipes too!
So its my turn to ask questions:

Please answer the same questions I asked above for my previous award! (Feeling little lazy to ask again) 😉

My nominees are

Alok Singhal

Cradle of Joy


Fab Writings

Nisthur Anadi

Fourth Generation Farmgirl



my valiant soul


Congratulations to all the nominees! Hope you are not as lazy as me to share this award thing 🙂

Once again my sincere thanks for all these awards and love of you all! 🙂

The 2016 Blogger Award

Thank You so much for nominating me for this award. And that too in such a beautiful way-

Thank you for your beautiful words!
Here are my nominations

Blogger of the year-


She has as beautiful blog as she herself is as a person! One can enjoy and feel lost while reading her posts! She truly deserves this award! 

Blog of the year-


You will fell in love with the dishes she present! Mouthwatering!!
Kindest Blogger-


He is always kind and supportive. His kindness reflects in his comments and way he support and encourage others in their writings!
Most Approachable blog-


This blog is full of wisdom, love and emotions! You will enjoy the ride on this blog!
Best New Blogger-

#A’s arrowwrites

This is best new blogger of 2016 I love each and every post on this blog. 
Most Positive blog-

#Divine_Lifez by Chandan Sinha

I love his youthful energy. You must visit his blog once. 
Most helpful blogger-

#Nisthur Anadi the poemhobby

Nisthur is very helpful blogger who always comment generously, encourage and give best advice making me think more and dig deep! I am really thankful to him. 
Funniest blog-

#Betcha didn’t know

It makes me smile when I visit this blog! 🙂
Best looking award-

#Moushmi Radhanpara

Amazing blog! Just loved it!!
The Wild Card-


This lovely blog deserves this award by all means! Visit and see yourself! 🙂

Most Relatable blogger-

#Perceptions by Sunith

For rules please click this link

The 2016 Blogger Award –

The Versatile Blogger award 2 Double Nomination


This is the second time I am being nominated for this award that too by two of my sweet blogger fellows on same day! 🙂

I am very thankful to Life at 17 and Devpriya for nominating me. Do visit their blogs and read their posts I am sure you would definitely love them.

RULES: Thank the person who nominated you.

Share the award on your blog!

Share seven random facts about yourself

Tag some bloggers with less than 1000 followers and let them know they have been nominated

So, here are 7 random facts about me

I am still a shy person, though I thought I overcame my shyness! Lol!


I love connecting with people inspite of my shyness.


I am spiritual not a religious person


I was basically a rebel right from childhood challenging old orthodox norms of society.


I believe in power of love. But love should be selfless, unconditional.


My dream is to write a book about origin of my ancestors.


I still need to learn art of writing 🙂


Here are my nominations





Shrutimalhotra’s blog

Okoto Enigma

Source: The Versatile Blogger award