Love Is Not

Love is not
That we perceive
Love is all that we can not read
Between the lines of expressions
And beneath
unexpressed feelings

Love is not
Only a song that a poet sings
Love is all that could be felt
Inside flicker of dying eyes
Saying goodbye, one last time
With last breath

Love is not
Only smart play of words
Love is all that is shown in care
Though having no relation
Still without any hesitation
Even if meeting is not in their destiny

Love is not
That you feel in presence
Love is all that tear you apart
When you have physical distance
All that can be seen behind closed eyes
Even after years pass by

Love is not
Beautiful bed of roses
Love is all that
A single rose holds in
Fragrance alongwith thorns
Bleeding hearts shining strong

Love is not???
Love Is All That Is!

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