Tribute To My Guru Dev!

On 22nd Jan of this year my Guruji, my spiritual guide left his human form to be one with universe. He was rendering free services to thousands of people from many years. He was such a kindered, loving and pure soul. No one saw a glimpse of ego in him.

Going to miss him till I too am taken to his realm. Although I’m at peace knowing he and his blessings will always envelope me in his spiritual form now. He used to recite these shaloks from gurubani at 3 a.m. every morning then used to meditate till 7 a.m.

These are not only shaloks but kit of wisdom and peace. Felt like sharing it here.

6 thoughts on “Tribute To My Guru Dev!

  1. I am deeply felt that your Guru has left the body and has now been One in the One. His spiritual being will always be here to guide You and ALL who have faith in the Guru and the Lord.

    O Meenakshi! It was so soothing to hear the Gurubani slokas. I heard them with my Philips Head Phone which has arrived today itself, it was very nice opening it with these lifting music. I shall be in the aura for some time now.

    Well I do know Punjabi but could follow the lines and understand, thanks for the titles given in English.

    Meenakshi I was wonder stuck that the thoughts and preachings are so much the same of Guru Nanak to many who follow the Vedas, Upanishads, Agamas what so ever the name and religion one follows. Especially of the East. Even most of Rumi’s thoughts linger in the same thoughts. Look for that matter the Christian teachings.

    I can only say we are the BLESSED.

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