Dreamworld Of Words!

Permit# daily prompt # season 4# attempt 97

My heart permits me to share
My feelings through my words
Then society intervenes
And ask for license
Mind asks me to choose
Among right or wrong
But I fail to either submit my license
As I am an alien to this society
And it’s double standards
Or to distinguish between right or wrong
I am also not a person to see
The right in white or wrong in black
As I never believe in colour discrimination
For me all right is not white
And all wrong is not black
There comes a shade of grey too
Let’s leave it there
So let me openly and honestly share
What my feelings express
In form of words!
Without killing someone
On name of religion or
Hurting anyone with my behaviour
My words are a world
That permit me
To live my life according to me!
Atleast in dreamworld of my poems!!

Copyright (c) 2018 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry

17 thoughts on “Dreamworld Of Words!

  1. Go ahead love in your Dream World of Poetry.

    Meenakshi some of your posts are forming the Prosetry form of writing, I do not know if you have read my post ” I and Life fight peacefully” wherein I have created a word called Prosetry, which depicts prose as well as poetry. You please read and can mention them as Prosetry whenever and wherever you feel.
    By that we can popularize it.

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