Infinite#Daily Prompt#Attempt49

She has delicacy of flowers
And strength like earth
To bear Infinite seeds
And give birth

She has sweetness of sugar
So when she melts
She could change flavour
Of anything in which she blends

She has depth like sea
She appear calm on surface
But has enormous hidden treasure
Inside her heart’s depth

She is anything and everything
But should not be victim 
Of molestation or rape
At least respect her that much!

She is more strong than you know
So don’t try to bend her
She is more wise than you evaluate
So don’t try to judge her

She has warmth of sun
That’s why as mom she nurture
She has calm of moon
That’s why as a sis she loves you

She has hotness of fire
That’s how as a life partner she attracts
She is naughty like wind
So bring a bliss when born as a daughter

Love her,respect her,protect her…
But please don’t kill her
Before she is born in her mother’s womb
And after she is born by abusive bombs
Show her you are a man and not a monster!

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