Specific#Daily Prompt#Attempt 48

With sun gone
Earth is never lost in darkness
Infact it is tempted
To lit by Infinite small star bulbs
Giving it a sensuous look!

With gone wind
Trees never stop their dance
Infact they stay calm in meditation
With music of chirping birds
And recharge themselves!

With gone years
We never stop living
But cherish the memories
Of gone days and move ahead
To write some new stories!

With gone water
Rivers never dried up
They replenish themselves
And keep flowing
Spreading life everywhere!

Then why with someone
Specific gone
We stop living
As if our heart
Is missing its part!

So I want to tell you
O My dear heart!
With someone specifc gone
Don’t stop living
As life is too short
To be lost in grieving!


23 thoughts on “Specific

  1. Guess most of us here are all subjected to humming “let’s breakup o meri Jaan”.. Kidding.. Amazingly written. I never believed when teachers used to say “so the poet feeling is..” in my childhood, but I must admit I reread this poem. Tbh WP created some urge in me not to scroll down a post with the length and like esp in a poem post πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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  2. I loved your picture with brave wings she flies. You have said it so beautifully Meenakshi and when nature is so beautiful and never gets hurt and does what it has to do, why then we don’t move ahead if someone has broken our hearts. Loved this stanza of yours. Great πŸ‘ poem.

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  3. A stage comes in life that memories are all that remain, when you live only in the world of memories and the reality before you ceases to interest you. That is the time when you feel life is too long and yearn for the curtain to come down ending the show.

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