Little Bright Star- Infinite

Infinite#Daily Prompt#Attempt 49(2)

From Infinite shiny stars,
I want a little bright star for myself!
I will stitch it in fabric of my life,
To keep glowing some of my darkest nights!
I will share it with those who have somewhere lost,
The spark of life from their broken hearts!
Its twinkle will bring them smile,
Who are tired after walking miles!
My star will cheer those lonely souls,
Whose hearts are of diamonds but they lost their goals!
Just one little bright star is what I need,
To keep growing flowers of hopes between these ugly weeds!

21 thoughts on “Little Bright Star- Infinite

  1. Meenakshi, I loved the beautiful picture, so apt with your poem. Stars are infinite and they keep on growing infinitely. They are so beautiful, I wish we too could be like them, just keep on going and moving infinitely instead of being finite. ‘Just one little bright star is what I need’. This is what I too need. Great and awesome poem.

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  2. Hey Meenakshi, your poem reminded me of our “Cinderella”-theme collaborative project – I’d love to see your re-imagining of this folk tale from around the world. Take a look, invitation here: – and, for inspiration, here is a book based on an Indian folk tale with ties to Cinderella …

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