Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

When you think about

Some thing all the time

And yet don’t know

Should I or shouldn’t I?

When there is a tug of war


Feelings of heart and

Confusions of mind!

What to do and

Where to go?

At such times

You keep on asking

Right or wrong?

But tell me one thing

Who made the rules?

This is wrong and

That is right?

How can  we decide?

That which is wrong for you

For me it could be right!

Every truth has two sides

Neither you are God

Nor am I!

Then who will decide?

Think out of the box

The answer is so clear

Let’s live by our heart

And until we don’t harm

Feelings of others

And do not commit crime

All is alright

Let us live our own life

Allowing every one decide

Their own wrong or right

Freely and truly!

When we are free

To make our own choice!

Only then one can decide

What to choose between

Feelings of heart or

Confusions of mind!

38 thoughts on “Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

  1. I loved the idea of this poem.
    There’s a quote that says let a person be himself and see the magic! They’ll be 10 times more productive. You beautifully portrayed this. Each of us are unique and different.

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  2. Yes you are right..clearly expressed..before doing something right or wrong it is quite essential that we should think from the other side too, that is the side of the person whom we are doing or saying something we dont have to regret for something wrong we did..

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