The 2016 Blogger Award

Thank You so much for nominating me for this award. And that too in such a beautiful way-

Thank you for your beautiful words!
Here are my nominations

Blogger of the year-


She has as beautiful blog as she herself is as a person! One can enjoy and feel lost while reading her posts! She truly deserves this award! 

Blog of the year-


You will fell in love with the dishes she present! Mouthwatering!!
Kindest Blogger-


He is always kind and supportive. His kindness reflects in his comments and way he support and encourage others in their writings!
Most Approachable blog-


This blog is full of wisdom, love and emotions! You will enjoy the ride on this blog!
Best New Blogger-

#A’s arrowwrites

This is best new blogger of 2016 I love each and every post on this blog. 
Most Positive blog-

#Divine_Lifez by Chandan Sinha

I love his youthful energy. You must visit his blog once. 
Most helpful blogger-

#Nisthur Anadi the poemhobby

Nisthur is very helpful blogger who always comment generously, encourage and give best advice making me think more and dig deep! I am really thankful to him. 
Funniest blog-

#Betcha didn’t know

It makes me smile when I visit this blog! πŸ™‚
Best looking award-

#Moushmi Radhanpara

Amazing blog! Just loved it!!
The Wild Card-


This lovely blog deserves this award by all means! Visit and see yourself! πŸ™‚

Most Relatable blogger-

#Perceptions by Sunith

For rules please click this link

The 2016 Blogger Award –

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