Talk To Me!

Talk to me

Whenever you like

Talk to me

When you feel very low

Talk to me

I am always here

Ready to listen

Open your heart

And always feel free

Share with me

All your worries

I may not suggest solutions

Still you will feel good

So whenever you like

Talk to me

I am never too busy

To lend you my ears

Whenever you are happy

And want to share

I will join you there

And laugh with you

So in your jolly good mood

Talk to me

When you 

Need to hide somewhere

So that no one can reach

And you are too tired 

To speak

When silence is 

What you need

Just sit next to me

In silence I give

A really good company

At such times

You don’t have 

To talk to me

Still you will find me

Sitting next to you

Just to give you

A silent company!

So talk to me

I am always here

Waiting endlessly

At your own ease

And when you feel

You are ready

Talk to me…

17 thoughts on “Talk To Me!

    1. Thank You Moushmi! Yes this is unconditional love, where one wants the other to know that in any and every situation she is there to give her support….even in silence ready to wait till eternity but at least her partner should be aware of this!
      Thank you so much for catching the essence of these lines 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Such a beautiful facet of pure love has oozed out through your pen Meenakshi. Some times just holding hands and sitting in silence with your loved one works like a miracle. Lucky are people who find someone always there for them!!

    Liked by 1 person

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