Blossom# Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 96

Picture courtesy: Pinterest 

Waiting and wasting life
Months, weeks and days
For some sign to appear
In search of love
Walking miles n miles
And then realising
Anything external is fake
Standing still in time
Love Blossom from within
I’m mine
No one else deserve
Or has right
To end my peace
I’m my own universe
I’m Alpha and Omega
I’m the end and the beginning
I’m the one I’m searching
I AM!!

Copyright Β© 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

All Rights Reserved 

41 thoughts on “I AM

  1. This is great! It reminds me of a saying, “I think, therefore I am”. Meaning that one should not doubt their existence since they doubted in the first place. It would mean a lot if you checked out my recent poem ❀

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      1. I’m happy for you that you got many answers that you were searching for. My visual image is that when we focus on Him, as if we are looking at Him in a mirror, when the reflection is off, that’s the time we feel uneasy. As we align with Him closer and closer, we feel more at peace, and feel the inner strength. I know it’s abstract, but it’s personal also, we all have our own concern that need to be aligned with His image until we get the inner peace. Thank you for getting me thinking!

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          1. There were times I wanted to do things my way, even though God put people in front of my face to say “don’t,” but I still did it. I suffered the consequence. But like David, he sinned. God made him suffered by taking his son away. He begged God to spare his son. As soon as his son died, he realized that’s God’s will. He got up. He still loved God, and God still say that, “David is after my own heart.” I’m so touched my His unconditional love!

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                  1. Yes, I feel the same way. I still remember how we met. You went through almost all of my posts – before I got so many that even I couldn’t find my previous posts! I nominated you for an award. You were tired, but you (stayed up?) and got the post done!!

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