I thought you live 

Only in my heart

But you are very smart

You captured my mind too

Knowing it all…

How do you know?

When I feel low!

How do you sense?

When I am tense!

When I ask you this

You say that you know

But don’t know how?

“I know…

I just know!”

With these words of your

You warm my heart!

And made me smile

Forgetting my worries

I stopped crying!

Yes! you are definitely smart!

You know the art

To play with words

Making others smile 

Even when they are upset

And make your way

Inside everyone’s heart!

Playing your music and

Making them feel better

You know something?

You don’t live in my heart

Without any reason

You live because…

You are different from all

You are a Trendsetter!


11 thoughts on “Trendsetter!

  1. Your face tells it all

    I can sense

    When you are tense

    I know when you feel low

    It’s again your face tells it all

    Hope my words are soothing

    Which make you forget your worries

    I am not different from all

    Just trying to soothe you

    Your pains and your worries too

    It’s just a humble attempt

    To reply you

    Correct me if wrong

    Liked by 1 person

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