Song Of Love!

Love can never die

Since it could never born

Love is a flow of life

A rhythemic song of heart

Love can never be undone

As it is noun and not verb

Love never wants you to change

As it accepts you as you are framed

Love is deep and beautiful!

Love is colourless yet

Makes life colourful…

Love is an essence

That can  never be captured

Its an invisible thread

Which binds souls together

Love is what we need most

In today’s world of destruction…

Love is in

Every core of matter

Love of mother

Love of nature

Love can be seen 

In every creature

Without it we all are dry

Life is love 

Love is life

Let’s sing its song and

Spread some smiles πŸ™‚

Image courtesy: Pinterest


33 thoughts on “Song Of Love!

    1. Wow! Akhila finally someone dared to see the exact meaning behind my words…Thank You so much!! Yes that which is not verb (an action) can not be undone! It just happens! There is no cancel button for Love if it is Love. Otherwise it is not love it can be anything but Love if you can undone it πŸ™‚

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