Overwhelming#Daily Prompt#Attempt 75

When life hit hard

All senses lost

Leaving us vulnerable 

Overwhelming with emotions 

Light of spirituality 

Could help us sail out

From this whirlpool 

Back to rational ground

Where else could we proceed

In these times of need

Only he is real mate

Who never turns his back

When we call out loud!

His divine grace is the place

Where our thirsty heart

Could finally find solace

In his loving embrace!

18 thoughts on “Overwhelming

  1. Just what I needed today…overwhelming is what I would describe my life right now. Beautiful poem ❤ I also wanted to try my hand at poetry and posted a poem recently on my blog. I would love to get your opinion if I'm any good 🙂

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    1. Thank You so much Sunita! From past one week I’m almost clueless and not in a state to write properly due to some serious health issues of my brother and my daughter pointed out about decreasing level of my writing!
      But seriously thanks a lot for your encouraging words… That’s what I need at this time! 💖

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      1. Oh…wishing a speedy recovery to your brother, will definitely keep him in my prayers and I am sure he is going to come out of it soon and be back on his feet.
        Honestly, this one was easily one of your best, probably, the pain and anguish in one’s heart results in more flow of words.

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