Faded#Daily Prompt#Attempt 12

Between wrinkled pages
Of that special old book
Was lying Faded flower
Of our spring season
It lost its colour but not the charm

Inside music chamber
Of my lonely heart
I heard the whispers
Of our Faded song
It lost it’s voice but not the lyrics

The lines of poems
Once weaved by me
Telling the tales
Of my Faded dreams
They lost their wings but not the hopes

The trails of faded tears near the eyes
Are witness of the crying nights
To get rid of all the grief
When it failed to hide behind
That fragile Faded smile

The faded flower
The faded song
The faded dream
The faded smile
They all are telling the same theme
They are faded by time but still alive!

Adding here one similar version of Faded-

Take out your 

Old faded jeans

Wear them to 

Refresh old memories

Don’t throw away 

Your faded dreams

Pick up a brush and 

Paint them pink

The lyrics of your 

Lost faded song

Need melodious 

Voice of your musical heart

The blurred image 

Of faded horizon

Needs to be seen 

With a clear vision 

The faded trails 

Of tears near the eyes

Should be replaced 

With beautiful  smiles

The faded jeans..

The faded dreams..

The faded song..

The faded horizon..

The faded tears..

Are all very dear

Faded but alive

Waiting to replenish 

With positive vibes…

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