I Choose…

In today’s serene morning light

Under the peaceful blue of sky

I choose to forgive all those

Who hurt me in this journey of life

I am leaving the burden of their deeds

Which is crushing my own peace

I can not carry it till other end of life

So I choose to leave it here behind

May their souls find peace

Who killed and stabbed me and my dreams

So many times while I was still alive

I choose to forget all those memories

Whose ghost keeps on haunting me

And release the pain in this fresh air

So that I can restore peace and light

This is what my soul’s plight

I choose to live rest of my days

In living, laughing and celebrating life

As I do not know how many breaths

I have left with…

So I choose to use them to feel alive

As this life is gift of divine!

I choose love

I choose light

I choose forgiveness

I choose to shine

For rest of days in this body

Till my soul reaches

Its true home to eternal light! 


65 thoughts on “I Choose…

  1. Its reaaly really hard to forgive people from the past and feel “let it go” and then finally move ahead. I have been trying this from past few days, trying to forgive and bless them with gratitude for the lessons they helped me in understanding in life.

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    1. If you have someone close or dear one, just do one thing…sit with them and share your heart out! Tell them every thing that hurt you in past. Release your pain. If you want to cry even do that. Or if you don’t have any such person who is ready to listen to you, write it all down and burn it.
      I am sure you will feel good. After that look ahead to coming days. Set goals and do everything possible to achieve them. My wishes are with you. Even if you need me I am here to listen you. You can contact me through e-mail.

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  2. A beautiful philosophy to follow in life, but unfortunately not so easy. It requires tremendous effort to forgive. Though I know that letting go those negative vibes is liberation for my soul, it is extremely challenging to adopt that into my life.

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    1. I agree its not that easy but try and you will find such peace you can not even imagine. It happened with me in past few days. Those hurt feelings and people associated with them were like thorns…once I shared it and realised it all happened in past and I can let it go now…
      I released it all and feeling myself actually at peace and in a state of trance!
      I wish you too could do that and as I said in my previous comment if you need my help I am here. Connect through email. Lots of love and peace to you my dear friend πŸ™‚ πŸ’–

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      1. You echo exactly what my husband says. Yes, I am trying but certain hurt feelings are hard to forgive, though I don’t carry any grudge against that person. But I have to understand that forgiving is good for me to be at peace with myself!

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    1. Hmm…I agree! But sometimes some of them are no more in our life and we keep punishing ourselves in thoughts by remembring their wrong doings and others who are left…even punishing them is a waste of time and energy bcoz some are born heartless not ready to learn or accept!
      But still I agree with you! If possible an action should be taken. Thank You!


  3. That’s amazing and so true to living a life of freedom. We can’t hold on to the chains of those who wished us ill while walking into freedom. These are opposite acts. Thanks for writing it and it is a beautiful picture.

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  4. Your poems carry a lot of emotions with them that moves the reader and we become one with them. You and Radhika are some of the few bloggers who inspire me to try poetry. It might be a while for me to reach your level of prose and connection with the reader but your comment is inspiration enough. Thank you, Meenakshi! Will peep in here time and again to enjoy your new creations. I am now very glad that I found your beautiful blog through Radhika’s. Take care. Cheers.

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    1. Thank You so much for your appreciation and beautiful words! I am glad you reached my blog as I too got a chance to read your fabulous writings!
      I don’t think you need to reach our level…you are better than me! Keep visiting! I too will soon take time out to read all of your posts! πŸ™‚


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