Face The Light 

Succumb # daily prompt  Don't Succumb to miseries of life There is always a reason behind See them as opportunities instead To uplift self towards new heights Remember no matter how dark is night Sun is always present in the sky Shining bright all the time We just have to face towards the light! Copyright (c) [...]

The Dream…

Surreal # daily prompt  Image credits: Pinterest The dream last night was Surreal When I woke up I felt my blush Smile is still on my lips Cheeks are reflecting Shades of pink Wishing again to go back to sleep And shut my eyes to continue the dream But Alas! Dreams are dreams As soon as [...]


Enlighten# daily prompt Dark clouds enveloping from all sides Blocked my sight Like a strong beam of sun rays You came and ended the dark night Your light Enlighten my way Now brightly I shine Under realm of knowledge That you bestowed on me Thanks for being such a special guide! Copyright 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, [...]