I have heard that your city is freezing cold, Where feelings too freeze with ice, And my city is so hot that, All my complaints against you melt, No matter how hard I try, To keep them stored inside!


All Around

Sometimes when I miss you, I miss having your grave to go, To sit there for hours and talk my heart to you, To light a candle and present some flowers near your gravestone, It could have given me some peace, maybe but, It is not possible, Then I feel you are all around me, [...]

दुआ क्या माँगें

हाथ उठाएं तो दुआ क्या माँगें? तकदीर से लड़कर भागें तो कहाँ भागें? जहाँ दरख्त भी शामिल हों साज़िश में वहाँ परिंदे आशियां आखिर कहाँ माँगें? इन अंधेरों से अब समेटने को कहो अपना वजूद जलते दियों की लो आखिर कब तलक जागे? हर आस बुनती रही खुद को आज तक जिनसे, थक कर चटकने [...]


Before he came and after he left She still was that river flowing with love She still was that heart full of strength She still was that angel full of kindness Then why she always gave credit of being What She already was To Him? That was the beauty of her love He came and [...]