The dream of The dreamer!

The dream and The dreamer! In dreams of one of his dream His manifestation made us We In ancient lands in old civilization We may be born as brother and sister Sharing special love, playing together Until that play ended brutally And we lost each other in lap of centuries In dreams of one of [...]

उस पार न जाने क्या होगा?

प्यार यहीं तकरार यहीं उस पार न जाने क्या होगा? इनकार यहीं इज़हार यहीं उस पार न जाने क्या होगा? तेरा मेरा ये शिकवे गिले सब राख बन उड़ जाएंगे तन अग्नि में जल जाएगा मन की गिरहों का क्या होगा? इस पार बँधी रह जाएँगी, उस पार न जाने क्या होगा? मुँह मोड़ लिया, [...]


Acceptance#Daily Prompt#Season2#Attempt 10 Different rivers Taking different routes During course of their life In the end Merge in the same ocean As their final destination Source of serenity, depth Sometimes calm sometimes wild and very mysterious! No one can ask or claim River's identity after it becomes one With infinite bed of water! Different souls [...]