15 thoughts on “Dear Migrant Labourer

  1. I had tears in my eyes when I saw a video one of my friends sent me, Meenakshi. Before announcing lockdown, Narendra Modi as our Prime Minister could have done so much for them and taken care of them. We are living in our comfort houses and can buy whatever we want of course with our little resources but we could not think of them who have served us so truthfully. Feeling so sad but what can we do. Hope our God sees their plight and does something for them. Though there are few good samaritans who are doing their bit but they are vast and now where did the Corono virus disappear.

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  2. It really breaks the heart to see what is happening and how we don’t acknowledge the ones who ensure we eat well. Why do we ignore our migrant laborers, farmers and doctors! Powerful thought to our laborers. Hope we can help them as human beings. Hope you are safe Meenakshi.

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    1. Hi Vishal! So good to hear from you and know your thoughts resonates with this post.

      I’m good. Hope you and your loved ones are safe too. Conditions are not good in Maharashtra. Please take good care of yourself. My prayers and wishes are there.

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