बहुत हुआ

बहुत हुआ-

लिबास ए जिंदगी ओढ़ कर चलते चलते,
चल जनाजे के उस पार देखें होता क्या है ?

जिस्मों की कैद में बंद हैं जो मजबूर रूहें,
उनकी जश्न-ए-आजादी का नज़ारा क्या है?

वो कलम जो लिखती है तकदीरें सबकी,
उस कलम को चलाने वाली वो शय क्या है?

दीदारे जुस्तजू से आबाद हैं इबादत खाने जिसकी,
उसकी एक झलक पा जाने का आखिर नशा क्या है?

क्यों है एक परदा सांसों के आर पार के दो जहानों में,
गर ये राज़ है गहरा तो इसका फ़लसफ़ा क्या है?

वो जो हाज़िर है हर शय में, हर जिस्म में, हर कतरे में,
तो ताउम्र बंदा उसका फिर ढूँढता क्या है?

सब जानते हैं उम्र एक सफर है चंद लम्हों का,
आखिर में तेरा गुरूर और मेरी अना क्या है?

क्या तोलना वक़्ती किरदारों को दुनिया के पैमानों पर,
तू क्यों भूलता है मौत के आगे तेरी हैसियत क्या है?

चाहे जले, बहे या सुपुर्दे ज़मीं हो,अंजाम मिट्टी का मिट्टी से रिहाई ही तो है,
फिर तू कफ़न में भी फर्क को तलाशाता क्या है?

बहुत हुआ-

बाहरी लिहाफों के जाल में अटकना भटकना,
पहचान रिश्ता तेरी रूह से रूह का क्या है?

कुछ बयां करती है फिसलती हुई सांसों की कड़ी,
तलाश जिस्म के पार जो तू है, आखिर वो तू क्या है?

Bahut hua

Libaas-e-zindagi od kar chalte chalte,

Chal janaaze ke us paar dekhein hota kya hai?

Jismon ki kaid main band hain jo majboor ruhein,

Unki jashn-e-aazadi ka nazara kya hai?

Vo kalam jo likhti hai takdeerein sabki,

Uss kalam ko chalane wali wo shey kya hai?

Deedar-e-justju se aabaad hai ibaadatkhane jiski,

Uski ek jhalak paa jaane ka aakhir nasha kya hai?

Kyun hai ek parda saanson ke aar paar ke do jahano main,

Gar ye raaz hai gehra to iska falsafa kya hai?

Wo jo haazir hai har sheh main, har jism main, har katre main,

To taa-umr banda uska phir dhundta kya hai?

Sab jaante hain umr ek safar hai chand lamhon ka,

Aakhir main tera gurur aur meri anna kya hai?

Kya tolna waqti kirdaaron ko, duniya ke paimano par,

Tu kyun bhulta hai maut ke aage teri hassiyat kya hai?

Chahe jalein, bahein ya supurde-zamin hon, anzaam mitti ka mitti se rihai hi to hai,

Phir tu kafan main farq ko talaashta kya hai?

Bahut hua-

Bahari lihafon ke zaal main atakna, bhatakna,

Pehchaan rishta teri rooh se rooh ka kya hai?

Kuch bayan karti hai phisalti hui saanson ki kadi,

Taalash zism ke paar jo tu hai aakhir vo tu kya hai?

17 thoughts on “बहुत हुआ

  1. Hi Meenakshi, I know these are not the exact words. Yours are much more beautiful than these, but just wanted to have a little glimpse of your poem. Even the odd translation shows the beauty. Great to see you. ❤

    Too much-

    Vibes of A Life Walking on the road,
    What would you see across the floating ship?

    The prisoners are locked in prison, who are forced to stay,
    What is the view of their celebration-A-freedom?

    The pen that writes,
    What is the cost of running that pen?

    Dedare is settled with the Zubtaz, to celebrate the worship of which,
    What is the ultimate addiction of getting a glimpse of her?

    Why is a curtain in two jars of breathlessness,
    What is the secret of this garage, what is its essence?

    Whoever is present in every condition, in every way, in every shirt,
    Then what does he find his tumar banda?

    Everyone knows age is a journey; Some moments,
    What is your Guru and my Anima?

    What to wear to the characters on the world’s scale,
    Why do you forget what your status is before death?

    Whether the burnt, the boy or the dowry is ground, the result is only release from the clay soil,
    Then what is the difference between the shroud and the coffin?

    Too much-

    Wandering in the trap of outer lines,
    What is the identity of the person with your identity?

    Some chimes are the slipping of the breath,
    Which is beyond what you are looking for, after all what are you?

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    1. Hi Miriam! I missed talking to you. Hope all is good at your end.
      I’m so glad and honored you tried to read the translation of my urdu poetry. Let me translate it for you to get it’s exact meaning. Here it is-

      Enough time has passed

      Walking inside false veils of temporary bodies,
      It’s time to find what lies on the other side of death,

      The prisoner souls who are imprisoned inside the cage of bodies,
      What kind of ecstasy they experience when they get freedom from life,

      The pen that is writing everyone’s life story,
      Who is the power behind holding that pen?

      All the prayer houses are flooded with people,
      What kind of pleasure they feel when they get one glimpse of him?

      Why there is veil between two worlds of life and death?
      If this is a deep secret then what is it’s aim?

      When he is present inside each particle,
      Then what is all this search about?

      We all know life is journey of short period,
      Then your ego and my self esteem has no meaning in the end,

      Why measure temporary role players on worldly scales?
      Why we forget we are no one in front of death,

      Whatever is the process of crimination, the aim is to get freedom from body made of five elements,
      Then why man discriminate between coffins of different religious values?

      Enough has happened

      Recognize your relation with Almighty,
      Outer veil is a maze where souls keep wandering,

      Every passing breath tells us something,
      Try to find who are you beyond this body!

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      1. Thank you, Meenakshi for your translation. This is so true, we see the conflicts in so many aspects of our lives. What can we take with us when crossing this life to another?

        I’ve been doing fine, going to see my granddaughter every six weeks. I watched her all by myself for 8 days in June when my daughter and her husband went to Iceland on vacation.

        How have you been doing? I missed talking to you also!

        I’m reading an interesting book by Elizabeth Gilbert entitled: Eat, Pray, Love, when she traveled to Rome, India, and Indonesia, four months at each location. She went to a small village Ashram in India to find God. She wrote her experience there. I’m half way through her India trip.

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        1. There is movie by same name I just loved it. Though book would be more interesting Im sure.
          Let me know the lesson you took from it.
          Give my love to your granddaughter Miriam! Going to read all missed posts on your blog soon.

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          1. Yes, the movie is based on her book. Now I want to see the movie. It took her a great effort to find God. She was running like a wild horse and struggling a great deal to come to a halt, but she finally got to a point to feel she is in God and God is in her.
            I haven’t written too many posts of late. I have carpal tunnel problem with my right arm. The physical therapist said not to use my arm more than 20 minutes at a time and must rest a lot. It may take a year to loosen up the tendon (from the experience of my left arm).

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              1. I will, Meenakshi. Thank you! The previous book I read was Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. He is an excellent writer with rich action words. He doesn’t waste any lengthy descriptions. The action words take you right to the word pictures. I’ll get more of his books. I’m deciding which book to read next.

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