Dear Diary #1

“Never did she quit, until her final exit”

Dear diary

A friend asked me what could be ending line of my life’s story book. And I knew what it would be. Often times even I wonder who gives me strength to face all storms in life. Sometimes it feels I’m a player playing cricket and some hidden hand is throwing ball after ball giving me a little or no break in between. I don’t know what my score is but all I know is I have to play till my breathes get all out and I finally have to leave the ground. Life is no less than a match. Getting applauds on every sixer is what keeps you going.

I remember the day when I was a kid almost six seven years old, when Dr. told my parents that I had a hole in my heart. My life could either end there or if I’m strong enough the hole will reduce and disappear with my growing age. My parents, grandparents, teachers and classmates all were scared and started believing I’m going to bid goodbye to them soon. Ahh! But when I see back now I understood it was just a test from Almighty to see if I could be in team or not. I recovered faster than even Doctor’s expectations. Although I had to sacrifice all tasty, yummy food in that early age. But I refused to compromise in my interest in sports. Even after warnings I kept playing participating in sports team of my school and won many medals in inter school competitions.

You must be wondering why I am talking about it all today. Sometimes you get tired of life and it’s struggles. Specially if you are unable to see the other side of the dark tunnel where a ray of light is waiting to receive you, giving you hope of keep going. And despite all darkness when you can not even surrender since the struggle is not for yourself but your loved ones are involved in it. You are fighting, playing for them and their happiness. Then the soul search for some inspiration either from outside or from within. And you once again replanish your strength and with broad smile again pick up your bat not knowing if it is going to be a sixer or just one run. Doesn’t even matter. All that matter is determination and faith. I’m not playing here to win or lose I’m playing and will keep playing since I know that ‘I can not quit’.

4 thoughts on “Dear Diary #1

  1. Meenakshi, poem celebrating your life in a spirited fashion and what better way than waltzing to conquer challenges. You are destiny’s child and thanks for sharing this aspect of your life with readers.

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