Daffodils Of March!

Daffodils Of March!

On cool breeze of March,
I created the soulful song,
Decorated it with prayers,
Wishing you best of whole world,
Its lyrics were full of good wishes,
And I was about to release it,
but then stopped,
When realized that I can not,
Ego reminded me that I was blocked,
With heavy heart I started keeping back my wishes,
Suddenly something soft touched me,
I raised my head and saw,
It was a little wish,
Sitting on my tiny tear drop,
Smiling broad and glistening,
Wish asked me to release it,
I replied, “Dear I can’t, you see I’m blocked”
The wish smiled little more,
Kissed me softly and assured,
“We know you are blocked
but dear, we are not!
We are free to fly in Universe,
You can send us anywhere,
Why you need the one to know,
Just wish and let us flow!
We will reach the one we are aimed for,
No matter he is near or far,
Just give some rest to your ego,
And let us do what we need to”
This wisdom opened my eyes,
My heart turned feather like light,
So I asked the Universe to bless you,
Keeping away the troubles from you!
May You shine very bright!
With glow of wisdom and inner light!
May you attract all the best things,
While uplifting your soul and spirits!
My wish list is too long,
May your life be sweet song!
No matter you remember me or not,
These are feelings of my heart!
Just like daffodils of March!

60 thoughts on “Daffodils Of March!

    1. Hi! Yea I’m good thank you! How is your life going? I’m not writing much these days and was not active from last few months. Need to read your awesome thoughts. I will visit your blog soon. 🙂


      1. My life’s going like a roller coaster, but rn I am ascending to the top. 😂😂 So it’s a little slow as of now. Scared and thrilled too.
        No worries, words would come to you and it’s a pleasure to hear from you again, Di. 😊
        That would mean a lot to me, thank you so much. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kamal! I’m actually inactive last few months. Life is keeping me busy and not giving me time to think or wtite. Even I have to search and read friends blog posts when I come online. Thank You for your beautiful words here.


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