All Around

Sometimes when I miss you, I miss having your grave to go,

To sit there for hours and talk my heart to you,

To light a candle and present some flowers near your gravestone,

It could have given me some peace, maybe but,

It is not possible,

Then I feel you are all around me,

Immersed in Ganges your ashes are part of that water,

That keeps cycling and has touched every partical in atmosphere,

You are all around me now, In the blue of the sky,

In serenity of rivers, even in oceans,

In the air that touch my skin and heart within,

In the snow peaked mountains or a part of desert’s sand,

And being an immortal soul somewhere above in heaven,

Looking down and smiling at me,

You are with me till eternity,

And after feeling your presence all around,

I no longer long for visiting you in graveyard,

To feel your presence while you are lying under the ground.

© 2019 Meenakshi Sethi, wings of poetry

Image credits: Pinterest

26 thoughts on “All Around

    1. True Shantanu…loss of a dear one is a pain that keep nagging. When we try to understand the truth behind birth and death some calm come but still, till we are in this body it hurts.
      Thank you for reading and understanding

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    1. Hi Tanvir!

      Yes not writing regularly these days. Healing from loss of siblings is a long process. But they stay close to us even after leaving.
      Its long I visited your blog. Will do the same soon. Thank You for your time, concern and love ❤

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  1. I’m sorry, Meenakshi. It’s never easy. The absence is felt, and will always be; just some days, in the future, perhaps not always pressing into every matter. Thinking of you, and wishing you an easier glide in 2019. Reading your poems has helped me through with my own loss, even many years ago, still. I really, especially loved the last verse of this poem. It is so special.

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      1. Thanks, Meenakshi.

        It comes out as it does; when it will, but not forced. I guess it works, and we all cope in our own manners, which is the best way, I guess.

        Expression: writing, art, verbal, physical, etc. is the best catharsis. 🙂

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