38 thoughts on “Quotes Of Life

    1. When I witnessed the machine in ICU indicating that breathes of my brother has stopped. I realised that nothing is more important than life running in vains, heart beating and pulse vibrating. Every argument, each disagreement is there till the person is alive. Life is too precious than any other thing.

      Thank You Vishal for leaving your comment here.

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    1. I’m greatful that you can resonate with these words Radhika. At times we all face such situations when forgiving our most close people does not seems easy. But the truth is we all are here temporarily and who will leave us in mid journey and when no one knows.

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  1. Hi Meenakshi,
    Thanks for following my blog. I am now following yours. I really like the quote. Sadly I haven’t been writing on here for quite some time. I have a lot of catching up to do. I am now following.

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