Length, Breadth and Depth

It is impossible to find,
length, breadth and depth of love,
Love’s length is infinite time,
There is no end no beginning here,
Love’s breadth is so narrow that there is no room for two,
So they become one and unite,
And it is so wide that that there is no sepration left,
Where one ends and other begins is impossible to find,
Love’s depth is so deep that once start falling,
There is no bottom to reach and finally lovers librate and learn to fly,
Starting from loving other,
It finally becomes journey to reach self,
In self he resides,
The lover whom we keep searching outside!
Sepration is an illusion,
Pure love eliminates all distance of space or time!
Yes there is pain in love but this pain is divine!

© 2018 meenakshi sethi, wings of poetry

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