That Place Is Judgement Free Yet…

That place is judgement free!

No one is going to ask you there, when you were alive-

Which car you used to drive?

How royal was your life?

How big was your home?

How many companies did you own?

How many countries did you travel?

In your account what was the balance?

No! No one is going to ask you all this that side!


You yourself are going to evaluate your life-

How many hearts did I touch?

How many eyes I made smile?

How many tears did I wipe?

How many lives I tried to uplift?

How many hands did I hold?

How many loved me from the core?


It’s going to be very difficult to evaluate yourself!

When on that big screen you would see-

The people who cried because of you,

The hearts that broke just for you,

The hands that were waiting to be held,

The souls that got bruised with your words,

The time not spent with your loved ones,

The promises made but never kept.

It’s not going to be easy…

There is not going to be any question paper there.

Still answers are not going to be easy that’s for sure.

That place is judgement free,


Your own subconscious will be your judge!


Β© 2018 meenakshi sethi, wings of poetry

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