14 thoughts on “Downpour

  1. One of the best observatory pieces I have ever read!

    Hello Meenakshi! Where have you been since ages? I hope you still remember me.

    The second stanza is crafted with such tender emotions and truth of the cosmos that it overwhelms me.
    Gorgeous piece of writing!

    Love from your old friend,
    Enigma 🙂 ❤

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    1. Hello Enigma!

      So good to get complement from one of finest writer. I too missed your poems. Thank you for writing here. Now I could read what I missed. 🙂

      I was just out of focus from sometime. Was unable to write anything. I’m still stuck but trying to write what little I can.

      Stay in touch though. I need such precious friends.

      Lots of love 💖

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      1. Well, it is my greatest pleasure to read your beautiful words. I truly hope you’ll be back with your splendour and aura very soon.

        My support is always with you, friend.
        You too stay in touch and do not dwindle from the blogosphere.

        Loads of Love,
        Enigma 🙂 ❤

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