October- Love In It’s Truest Form

“This is not a love story, This is a story about love”-

I’m writing about this movie after having a divine experience yesterday. The experience which gave me goosebumps and a message. I will share that experience some other time (still need time to absorb all that).Something is forcing me to talk about this movie with a message to reach out to your loved ones till you can and unless it’s too late…leave all ego behind. Ego is a big barrier in spiritual journey. Anyway-

October a movie that has power to reach to the core in very subtle way. I watched this movie a few days after it’s release. And suddenly during the movie it stuck what my brother was trying to tell me just a day before his death. Every thing became crystal clear. After seven months of his death I came to my senses. His last words to me were ‘mummy- papa’. He repeated it several times. It took him lot of strength to say these two words and that too only in whispers among heavy breathing. At that time I thought he was asking me to call them to meet him and I called them. My mom and I went to see him in ICU. He looked at her and nooded but then again looked towards me as if his eyes were still trying to say something but I didn’t understand it then.

While I was watching this movie suddenly everything made sense. He was trying to tell me to take care of them. He was transferring their responsibility to me. After he left his body he came in dreams of his close friends, close relatives and our neighbors giving same message to everyone to take care of our parents and to tell them he is in peace now so don’t worry for him anymore.

Some movies, events, or dreams are eye opener. Very beautifully this movie gave the message of love and importance of last words of departing soul. It was very difficult for me to watch this movie but I’m glad I did.

These lyrics of one of the most beautiful and touching song of the movie are my favorite-

Meri rooh karegi fariyad
Meri saasein kahin kho jayengi
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Jab rakh banega yeh suraj
Aur dhoop dhuaan ho jayegi
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Sajde ki tarah phir aakhein jhukin
Phir palkein namazi huyin
Tere zikra mein thi kuchh aisi nami
Sookhi saasein bhi taazi huyin
Jab umra ki awara baarish
Sab rang mere dho jayegi
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Taveez hai meri mutthi mein
Taveez mein hai tasveer teri
Uljhi si lakeerein hath mein hain
Tu suljhaaye takdeer meri x (2)
Jab waqt karega chhal mujhse
Takdeer khafa ho jayegi
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Meri rooh karegi fariyad
Meri saasein kahin kho jayengi
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna
Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna

Why it is so that we learn the value of a loved one only after he/she leaves us forever. Why can’t we celebrate of being together in same lifetime, till we could? Please think! And if there is someone whom you want to share the deep feelings but not doing so for any reason please go and share, spend some time with them, hug them, tell them everything you wish to, before it’s too late.


22 thoughts on “October- Love In It’s Truest Form

  1. Awesome words of poetic splendour and u have explained the summary of the movie so well. Life is like that and we have to take it in its essence and love the people who are there with us. Your brother is always there with you in spirit. Great post, Meenakshi.

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  2. Thank you for sharing, Meenakshi. I’m glad to see you again. My son-in-law’s mom Kathy was lingering after the angel’s first visit. She didn’t want to go for two reasons, one was to stay for Will’s 30th birthday, the other reason was waiting for my visit. When I got to her house 5 days before she passed away, I whispered to her, saying “good night, I love you.” She whispered back, “Take care of the kids.” – her son and my daughter. I said I would.
    I’m glad you realized what he was telling you and everyone. He loves his mama and papa and wanted to make sure that they are taken care of because he felt responsible for them.
    You can tell your brother that you have been taking care of your mama and papa and tell him not to worry.
    Take care of yourself also! Miriam

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    1. Hi Miriam!

      Hope you are good and enjoying your writing work. I thought of sending mail to you but was busy.

      You are right the soul doesn’t want to leave body till it feels everything will be alright after they leave. Even my brother left his body after I asked him to go. When I told him ‘Honey please go now’ within seconds I felt his life energy coming upwards and then left through eyes.

      Yes I will tell him everything is alright and he shouldn’t and needn’t worry about our parents. Your words gave me an insight Miriam. Thank You so much.

      Love and hugs!

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      1. Thank you for your reply. Don’t worry about doing it right away.
        I’ll keep writing until I get a book or two because I want to do it for my daughter and granddaughter.
        Being with Kathy helped me learn so much. I was not with my mom and dad when they passed away. I know that when it was about time for my dad to go, my family got the notice from the hospital, so my family and church friends gather by his bed, prayed for him, sang to him and he passed peacefully.
        Right after he had a stroke, he lost the speech. He worried about my mom who had dementia. We put mom on a wheelchair to the hospital to see him. He smiled when he saw mom.
        He passed away after eight months.

        Yes, they do worry about the loved ones they left behind.

        Take care of yourself.

        Love and hugs to you also!


  3. I loved this movie too but it’s utterly unrealistic in current times. They didn’t have any close talks or moments yet he took care of her when her own family was giving up on her but in reality many moments spent together, many memories created yet even when the trouble isn’t that demanding people don’t look back and carry on with their lives as if nothing ever happened in the first place.

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  4. That’s true it is unrealistic but there is always someone who becomes that pillar of strength in these times. When my brother was hospitalized for almost two months, me and my sister often felt like giving up but then someone out of blue used to come to help us give hope and strength. Sometimes his friends, sometimes mine. So it happens in real life too.
    All of this time his best friend was one who never lost hope and used to tell me, “Didi until I’m there you can’t lose” He was so positive even till end and went out of way to help my brother and all of us.
    Even today he is doing his best to play my brother’s role. He is taking care of us just like Honey. So hota hai…aise log bhi hote hain.
    I went to watch this movie with him and his girlfriend. Ended up crying badly and again he was there…
    God bless all such Angels in human form.


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