Why are you limited to the boundaries of this body?

When you claim to love unconditionally

It has power to shake this world

True Love is toxic to that extent

The positions of the stars could be changed

If you have the will that strong

There is only a tug of war between possible and impossible

If you win that you can experience heaven

In the confusion of following objectives of soul or body

It is the heart that always loses

Weather we get one or thousands of lives

Love has always to deal with inner and outer fights

The meeting of two souls under the same sky

Is no less than a miraculous sight

Is decision of fulfilling desires is a crime?

When number of breaths are limited by time?

Each individual is in a journey here

The death is hovering over each one of us

Let’s spread love!

Let’s spread love!

23 thoughts on “हाशिये/Boundaries

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