रोशन सितारा / The Bright Star

On branch of time there used to rise memorable moments

Now it is all barren

No new moments rise here anymore

But the old memories have frozen here like sunshine’s golden glow

We are learning to live in it’s cold warmth

There is a treasure of old memories beneath the tree of that branch

We embrace them one by one and laugh or cry

Though it is still hard to believe the fact but

Time has passed leaving behind dead loneliness

You must be living in some realm just like sweet fragrance

But this separation will keep killing me till the play of breathes

The words used to flow from my pen like running river

Now they flow from my eyes in silent tears

There must be a window somewhere in sky

Which opens from this world to that world

From where my prayers could reach you

And you shine like a brighest star there too!

And you shine like a brightest star there too!

Waqt ki shakh par kuch kisse khila karte the kabhi

Ab nahi khilte

Shakh ne apni kokh si li hai shayad

Naye kisse to nahi uga karte magar

Purane kisson ki sunhari dhoop jam gayi hai barf bankar

Uski sard garmahat main hi ji lete hain kabhi

Yaadon ka ek khazana hai uss shakh ke darakht tale

Ek ek yaad se gale mil hans lete hain ya ro lete hain kabhi

Yakeen to nahi aata abhi tak lekin

Ye mausam guzar hi gaya tanhaiyon ke kafan dekar

Tu hoga to jarur kissi jahan mein khushbu ki tarah

Bas pass nahi ye gila rahega saanson ke silsilon talak

Kabhi behte the shabad iss kalam se ufanti nadi ki tarah

Ab khamoshi se girte hain ankhon se ashk bankar

Is jahan se uss jahan mein khulti ho jo

Koi khidki to hogi aasman mein kahin kissi taraf

Jahan se pahunch sake tujh tak meri duaon ka asar

Aur uss jahan mein bhi rahe tu roshan sitara bankar

Aur uss jahan mein bhi rahe tu roshan sitara bankar!

30 thoughts on “रोशन सितारा / The Bright Star

  1. Your brother will get your blessings wherever he would be. You want him to stay happy and shine, wouldn’t he want same? I think you can try to respect his wish by staying happy for his sake so that he can be at peace.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Happy to know that you are trying 😊
        When someone who’s prominent part of life can’t be reached out it leaves a vacant space which is tough to make peace with!!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. A masterpiece M in portraying various emotions such as pain and memory sparkling in every sense. The beauty of words in both Hindi and English elicit seamless feelings in the heart and sheer brilliance. One of your best!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Pain brings out best I guess Vishal. That’s why poets like Rumi created wonders. Poetry has a direct link with soul. It is inner voice that comes out when pain of separation tear our soul. I guess that’s why…
      Thank you so much for your words of appreciation and share on Twitter Vishal!

      Liked by 1 person

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