Watch “Fear Of Losing People: Part 2: BK Shivani (English)” on YouTube

My last words to my brother were- “Honey ab ja bhai” (Please brother go now). Before three days of his death I was meditating continuously for his release. This was not easy for me. But somehow I managed to gather the courage to ask God to release him from this pain. After watching this video now I can understand this was true love of my soul to his soul.

Within a few seconds of my last words to him I felt a jerk in his right shoulder where I was holding him and then came a bright light in his eyes and he looked at me with love. That was our last eye contact and then his soul left his body through his eyes.

This is not easy but sometimes we have to allow our loved one to go. This is also true to those relations which are very dear to you, still alive but we need to release them from our life for their good. We should never hold someone just because we want or need. If love is true just keep sending them good vibes and positivity from a distance all your life. To those who left this world for their new life and to those who are still here for their good if your love is unconditional. It does not matter if those souls know this or not. Just do it for love of love.

17 thoughts on “Watch “Fear Of Losing People: Part 2: BK Shivani (English)” on YouTube

  1. I know, as soon as i got married my father in law left us and after an year my father left. I always thought why did it happen, as both were important part of our lives and it wasn’t destined that they have to leave so early. But then it was bound to happen and we cant do anything, but pray that where ever they are they are peaceful.

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  2. It does not matter if those souls know this or not. Just do it for love of love. – This is so true and profound.
    So moved to read about the beautiful soul communication between you and your brother. Much Love dear Meenakshi.

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  3. It takes lot of strength to tell someone you love to go away, I respect you for showing that strength. Even while we are alive people let us go so that we could move on for they think that’s the best they can do for your future. As long as they can justify themselves it is okay. Parents do same to their daughters, they withdraw their love a bit so that a girl could have no other choice but to adjust to the change. Somewhat, getting married is also wearing a new costume. Change is painful even if we know that’s what we need to do.

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    1. Thank You Cherry. At that time I myself don’t know from which source I received that wisdom and strength but only that was the way to release my brother from his unbeatable pain.

      Yes daughters too enter a whole new life and in a way costume when they get married. We have to kill ourselves at least some parts to accept and learn to live with all new set of people, who sometimes don’t want to change a bit and expect all from us. This is like a new birth in same birth and third time we change when we give birth to a new soul. How many times we transform ourselves… these are all life lessons for our higher goals. It depends how we adapt ourselves to such changes.

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      1. Everything is pre written
        Agree but needless to say how seamlessly we adapt to the changes to make the new system work. It does take a toll on us!!

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