Those Last Years Part-2

While writing my last post I was going through a lot of pain for not having my brother with me any more. Yesterday my sister and I were discussing that we should rather be thankful that even for a few years but atleast he was with us. We were lucky to enjoy the experience of having a brother like Honey. We decided whenever we will miss him, we would think about the good time we all spent as a family. And will share with each other the valuable lessons of life that we learnt from him in those last couple of years.

The condition in which he was when I first took him to Sehgal Nursing Home in Delhi was scary. Doctors clearly declared there is no hope and even if we try our best we can’t save him for more than two or three months.

That night one of my uncle stayed there and asked me to go back home after Honey was admitted in ICU. My sister’s husband stayed with my dad. My husband and I came back home, drained and too tired to think straight. Next day I again went there early morning. The attendent called me to bring some medicines and a very expensive and rare injection that he told is not easy to get but we need to submit it before noon.

I went to the chemist shop of the nursing home and asked him to give me the available medicines and guide me where could I get the injection. The guy was shop owner himself. He was in his mid thirties. While looking at prescription his first response was, “Sorry ma’am this injection could only be bought by paying double price as it is very rare injection and that too you have to buy from big hospitals. It is not available everywhere”. Then he paused and asked me if the name of the patient ‘Honey Kohli’ mentioned in the prescription is correct and if he is same guy who works with Axis Bank? When I confirmed there were tears in his eyes. He asked me how I’m related to Honey and when did all this happen?

He also told me that he knew my brother very well and that my brother was a good friend of his. He met my brother just a year and a half ago. He started praising him telling me Honey is gem of a person and was not ready to believe that such lively and full of high spirited guy can reach to this condition so soon. Then he asked me not to worry about his medicines and injections anymore as he himself would arrange all these at no extra cost.

He called the ICU room asking them not to bother me or any attendent of Honey Kohli and to send all the prescriptions straight to him. Gratefully I thanked him and returned to ICU to meet my brother. There he was lying all covered with tubes and machines. As soon as he saw me his smiling face declared, “don’t you worry, I’m not going anywhere”.

Honey was smiling and talking as if nothing had happened and he never once mentioned he was in pain. His feet were swollen and stomach was much bigger in size. Doctors were on round. They checked him and his reports. Then called and told me, ‘Your brother is very strong. In this condition no one could smile.’ The senior doctor advised me to shift him in some big hospital as the nursing home was not able to give him proper treatment that he needed. He also warned me that he doubt any hospital or doctor could save him as he was in his final stage. Not even liver transplant at that stage was advisable.

My dad was getting operated in other hospital the same day. Me, my sister and near relatives decided not to tell about Honey’s critical condition to our parents. We told them that he had jaundice and doctors were treating him.

First week of September that year was testing period for me and my sister. We both were never that strong before to deal with hospital visits, ICU and managing all this on our own. My father or brother were the ones who used to take decisions in such hard times but they both were on bed and we had to take charge. The most difficult part was we both Parul (my sister) and me couldn’t even meet each other. We were connected only through phone and were sharing and asking what should we do next. Suddenly we became much older than our real age.

I’m really greatful to all my cousins, uncles, relatives and Honey’s friends for being with us in that difficult time.

Life has a strange way of it’s own. Just a few years back we all were so happy. Living, laughing and enjoying life. So safe we were and so carefree. Enjoying our family weekend gatherings, outstation trips and little celebrations. But then life is never a smooth road… It’s bumpy rides and unknown twists are the real reason for transformation of any human being.

To be continued…

20 thoughts on “Those Last Years Part-2

  1. No consolations can minimize the pain we carry within us , Meenakshi, the guilt , the pain we carry sometimes grow bigger with time,
    Time may heal the wounds but the scar remains throughout.Let go the pain, understand that in the given situation we do the best we can. Find your peace , in a way it may help your brother find his, Just a friendly advise.

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    1. I’m at peace now for what I did for him in his last days. I dropped everything else just to be with him. The love and bond we shared in those days is like a cherished gift for me for this life.

      All I blame myself for was not able to reach him before he reached in that condition but yes somethings are beyond our control and we have to make peace with that part too. Thank you so much for your kind words. Much appreciated.

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  2. Meenakshi, it was a miracle that the owner of the chemistry shop was your brother’s friend. It’s true that the stage of liver cancer your brother had couldn’t have last as long as he did. My brother-in-law only last for 1 year, he was 51 when he passed away of liver cancer. I know numbers don’t help you. I think God is watching you and have special mercy on you to have given you two and a half year with your brother. It sounded like he was a super strong guy. He wanted to stay as long as he could – for you!!

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    1. Hi Miriam!

      It’s true during that time many such things happened which were no less than Miracle. I will share that in coming posts.

      He was super strong and like a saint he managed to bear all pain so peacefully and calmly. When I think about it now it makes me wonder…who was that soul? Not only we but doctors and nurses were surprised to see his patience. I’m so greatful that when I think about him only his smiling face appears. I still love my brother and will keep loving him in this life and beyond that too.


    1. That’s true! We all learnt from him to stay calm in most difficult situations. Although normally the family gives courage and hope to patient but in our case my brother was the one who kept giving us strength from death bed. Hats off to him.

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