You took away with you…

A few years back
We were so happy
Always laughing, teasing,
Mocking each other
I never saw you serious
And used to be furious
On your kiddish behaviour
But you never left living
As life was just for fun
Always smiling
Always cheerful
Your innocent face
Was so attractive
Everyone used to fall in it’s charm
So did the god of death
And he took you away
Far from all of us
To laugh on your silly jokes
To get lost in beauty of your soul
But we miss you here
And your pranks
That you used to play on us
Now no one calls me for no reason bro
During busy day or at 12 midnight
My phone does not ring anymore
To hear from other side
That you are eating the tastiest food
Cooked by our mom and to tease me
That I couldn’t…
No one ask me to cook his favorite dish
And wait for a knock
That he is coming soon
To spend time with me
To share his stories and
To hear my endless talks
No one makes an effort now
To uplift my dull mood or
To take me on long walk
I miss sharing songs with you
Or to hear the latest movie’s review
You didn’t go alone there
To the land unknown
You took away with yourself
Every little thing that we used to do.

24 thoughts on “You took away with you…

  1. Beautiful and heartfelt, Meenakshi ❤

    The last two lines express so well how the loss of a loved one impacts our lives. Today is one year since I lost my best friend to cancer. Her death “took away… Every little thing that we used to do.”

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    1. Every sepration in hands of death is like a million bullets that attack us every time we miss that dear one.
      Sorry to know about your loss too. Best friend is more than a family. Hope you will find peace.

      Liked by 1 person

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