तेरा जाना/ Your leaving

Tera jaana waise to badi baat nahi,

Bas yun hai jaise zammen par aasmaan nahi!

Zindagi to chalti hai chalti rahegi sada,

Hum zinda hain iss baat par to tumhe aitraaz nahi?

Kahin mil bhi jao agar nazrein nahi milne denge,

Tum ye na samjhna humein khud par ikhtiyaar nahi!

Tumhari chahat ne itna bhi bemarwat na kiya

Ki apni anna ka bhi humein gumaan nahi!

Tumhein rehbar khuda ka darza diya tha kabhi,

Ab lagta hai baatein dil ki kaarobaar to nahi!

Hamari chahat mein milawat hoti to accha hota,

Ab kissi ki pakizagi par humein aitbaar nahi!

Kaash yaadon se bhi kar sakte kabhi riha tumhein,

Kaise kahein inse bhi koi sarokaar nahi!

Khud ko khuda samajh faisla karne wale,

Ab kissi rehmat ke hum talabgaar nahi!

Though poem is in hindi but here is an effort to explain what is said here-

Though your leaving is not a big thing

It’s just like there is no sky on earth!

Life flows and will keep flowing

Hope you have no objection on my being alive!

If we ever meet in future, I won’t let meet our eyes!

I have not lost this control of mine!

Your love has not blinded me that much

That I have lost all my self respect!

Once I gave you status of God

Now it seems heart matters are just pure business!

My love should not had been so pure

Now on no one’s purity I have any trust!

I wish I could have released you from my memories

But how could I say I have no interest in them?

You think you yourself are God while making such decisions,

Now I need from you no merciful favours!

Copyright (c) 2018 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry

34 thoughts on “तेरा जाना/ Your leaving

  1. Iss kavita mein ajab si nasha hai jo ordinary mortals nahin samaj sakte. You are on an elevated path, Meenakshi and can feel the energy bursting. It comes through pain but there is an inherent cosmic power.

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