Factory Of Life

Strategy# daily prompt # season 4# attempt 82# haiku

strategy of breathes
keep alive breathing machines
factory of life

Strategy of breathe is to keep alive

Breathing machines

In factory of life

While and till

The soul learns

It’s lessons and raise itself


To fly towards its source

To be one with divine

Staying there

For many light years

Till once again

It starts it’s journey

From scratch

To adopt a new strategy

To live and breath once again

Creating a new story

Creating a new wave…

Copyright (c) 2018 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry

14 thoughts on “Factory Of Life

  1. Meenakshi these lines are beyond imaginary. How come such thoughts came into you is raising my eyebrows.
    It has two layers and chapters. First one to breathe and allow the Soul to raise high. Second to merge into the Source and again come back after some light years, this is beyond imaginary Meenakshi.
    Poetry is Beautification of Life and YOU have done it.
    Keep it going Dear

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    1. Thank you so much Shiva!

      Life is a great teacher. My spiritual journey and readings helped me reach here.
      Life and life after death are two things attracts me most.

      You too are full of wisdom about this. Will read more of all I missed in your blog in last few months.

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      1. I was beginning to think that these comments might have gone into your Spam.
        Anyway, your journey is in the right path and I wish you reach the goal.
        The Spiritual field is as vast as the universe. The shortest distance to the goal comes from blessings from the Lord, the Guru and from the Ones in the Path.
        The Karma to the blessings; I wish YOU to take forth.

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        1. Oh! I’m sorry for late reply. I was not in town.

          True Shiva! spiritual field has no end. This is a journey of life after life. Somethings are beyond our perception but yes even one step towards it is a step in right direction.

          Thank you so much for your wishes! πŸ™

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