कुछ ऐसा मौत का आलम होगा 

कुछ ऐसा मौत का आलम होगा

कुछ ऐसा मौत का आलम होगा
थम जाएगी दिल की धड़कन
दिन पर रात का पहरा होगा
घुल जाएँगे सब रंजो गम
उस पार सब सुनहरा होगा
ना आस ना कोई प्यास ही होगी
हर तरफ सन्नाटा गहरा होगा
ना कोई कशिश खींचेगी दामन
ना कोई रोकने वाला होगा
ना जिस्म की कोई सरहद होगी
ना रूह का कोई चेहरा होगा
ना धरती और ना ही गगन
जाने वो कैसा चमन होगा
सफ़ेद मखमली रोशन सी चादर
या रंगों का दरिया होगा
कैसी होगी बस्ती उसकी
कैसा वहाँ का आलम होगा
रूहानी संगीत की लहरें
रूहानी ही मंज़र होगा
उस पार से भी मेरी दुआओं का असर
तुम देखना कितना गहरा होगा
कुछ ऐसा मौत का आलम होगा
कुछ ऐसा मौत का आलम होगा।

Copyright (c) 2018 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

15 thoughts on “कुछ ऐसा मौत का आलम होगा 

  1. Grass is always greener on the other side. Beautiful words but maybe we should value our life more because of so much that we can do. I have heard from mom dad bahut joonon k bad human life milti hai kismat se, hath per sab theek thak chalte Hain. You sleep in your home with your family after having food and tomorrow to look forward to. There’s so much to be grateful for which many don’t have.
    Don’t think I am opposing your thoughts just nudging you to consider celebrating what you have.

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    1. Life is always a celebration in good or bad equally. This poem is just to express that the eternal truth Death is also not so fearful. That is beautiful too.

      One day we all have to die but some fear this death thing too much. There is nothing to fear about it. Death like life is too a poem . Just transformation of old clothes of this body.

      Can’t write more here. This is more about spirituality that I’m reading these days.

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      1. Great!!
        It’s good to have different perspectives on things. What you reading? If it’s good please share. I would like to read about spirituality too.
        Have a great day ahead!!

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            1. I’m reading it all second time. Profound wisdom. Though always stay open to what you want to choose and learn from each book and what you don’t want to take.

              It’s totally our choice just pick what serves your journey better. It is always good to learn about different perspectives of different spiritual people.

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                1. And never think you are opposing my view or anything like that. You are always welcome to share your thoughts on every poem of mine. I love reading it. It gives me a chance to dwell more on the subject.

                  So bindaas likho. It’s like your own page. Plus special rights of my sweet Cherry 😗⚘

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    1. I really want to leave this earth with full party…haha

      When my brother was on his death bed I was amazed to see that he was so peaceful and smiling though he was fully aware that he is going to die. He was clean heart and brave.
      Just one day before his death doctor was telling me he has no hope now. My brother was listening him and when I looked at him he started laughing. As if he was very happy and in some test he stood first.

      I don’t know what gave him and me that strength that time.

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