Evoke# daily prompt # season 4 # attempt 73

The Ambulance, ICU and monitors there
Make me feel sick and I shiver

Unpleasant memories of that day
Evoke sharp unbearable pain

I want to erase that day from life
Just want to believe you are still alive

In hope of getting call from you
While cooking dinner, just as I used to

I throw a glance at my mobile
And like always get disappoint

I promise I won’t disconnect your phone
I will run to answer it when your name will be shown

I open my whats app so many times
To the same last seen of month of July

Then call like a fool on your cell phone
To see now it works, no more

What should I do to bring you back?
Without your smile life is black.

When I see Ambulance on road
Or visit someone in hospital

The ICU and sounds of monitors
Attacks my sanity and makes me numb

Like hanging leaf ready to fall from its tree
I shiver, tremble and go sick

I was so confident and felt so secure
When you were part of my world

My back was strong without any fear
Now I’m lost, lonely and falling like tears

Looking at sky I talk to you
Could you also listen me my bro?

Copyright (c) 2018 Meenakshi Sethi,  Wings Of Poetry 

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