Brilliant Plan

Brilliant# daily prompt # season 4# attempt 70

Like forest wind
Free spirit
Roaming, dancing, giggling
In every direction
Sparkling eyes
Full of dreams
Heart full of fresh breeze
Youth was blossoming
Spring in her steps
She was rising upwards

Having so many mates
Friends and companions
Never she knew what was loneliness!
Basking with positivity
Every day was festivity

On name of giving her companionship
And spending rest of life with someone
Who promised to make her feel special
They made her believe she is buying
This deal

Alas! On name of matrimony
She was sold
Alongwith her dreams
And clipped wings
Desires burried under responsibilities
No place to escape
Without slipping in guilt
What a brilliant plan was this

They celebrated her day of wedding!

Copyright (c) 2018 Meenakshi Sethi,  Wings Of Poetry 

18 thoughts on “Brilliant Plan

  1. True story !!
    After talking to you, I was thinking of same. I have consciously isolated myself to maintain peace at home but I need to change to who I was before.
    There’s an old saying, shlok to be precise – alsasya kuto Vidhya, avidhase kuto dhanam, adhanasye kuto mitram and amitrasya kuto sukham.
    To break it down for you – A lazy man cannot get educated, an uneducated man cannot earn wealth, without money no friends and no friends means no happiness.
    There’s wisdom in old saying always.
    What we lost are friends and happiness and by reverse logic if we could go easy on people, let our guards down and stop being judgemental then we can make friends again.
    We should try to create situations like the one present when we were high on life.
    It took a lot of strength to go solo and be okay but as part of being open to people equal amount of strength would be needed.
    We need to move on. As part of my 2018 resolution I will be making friends. Currently it seems impossible to me but I released a wish and will see how it works out and if I don’t end up in pushing people again. I would suggest you to try making friends with your daughter’s friend’s mothers and see how it turns out.
    If not anything else, it’s good to challenge yourself and try as being on your own means retrospection, self pity and feeling miserable and writing will only make us realize the problem but realisation alone is not enough, something needs to be done to solve it. I will also try to be less bitter and distant to people.

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    1. Hi Cherry !

      My situation is little bit different. I still have many friends. Not only friends but cousins, my brother’s friends, my sister’s friends, kids of my sister in law’s and list goes on and on…

      Where ever I go I end up making friends. Still what I’m seeking is someone who understand me as I understand others. Whoever meet me or know me find a true listener and they wonder how they shared with me that they share with no one. I too enjoy this and infact love this.

      Still there is some emptiness inside…and I know the solution too but I’m not alone. I have responsibilities on my shoulder. At the moment I’m standing at a point where I have to play role of a daughter as well as son, a mom and so much more. I’m that pillar who if wants to move will end up causing so much destruction.

      So like a good girl and lady I’m just taking all miseries over myself to protect others. But don’t worry I have strength of spirituality within me.

      He keeps on sending his angels to protect me. One day I will find some way or light at the end of tunnel for sure.

      Just like the glimpse I mentioned in my other blog.

      Till then I have love of you and some other special ones…which I will cherish always!! 💖⚘

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      1. I get you totally. My concern is kind of same that over time I have matured or degenerated maybe in social terms. All that little niceties and small talk make no sense to me now. I used to hangout with friends and watch movies together, have a brunch out or going shopping, doing silly things like playing Uno or ludo and having endless talks but when life threw lemons at me, I found noone around to share the bitterness. I had nothing happy and upbeat to share about and there’s no market for sorrows. Eventually I spaced out and wondered what was all those parties and bonding was worth for if it lasted as long as there were happy times. And choosing to make friends again means to start with all the shallow stuff again and I don’t have the patience and tolerance to do it again. For every single step reminds me of how it turned out to be before so I rather get into my cocoon and continue to be an introvert. Although comfy and easy it may seem but choosing to be a loner is suffocating. No matter how much I write or use all that negativity in creativity but still something feels just not right. I don’t know whether you will get it but all the shallow talks and the charade not only feels senseless but considering the baggage ghinn si aati hai. Still I don’t know why but I feel I need to do this dirty job and see if it works somehow. It’s actually to do or not to situation here.

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        1. See these are the kind of talks I want to have rather than putting up a face and asking about did you watch that movie or read that book and just reading this conversation makes me feel so overwhelmed.

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          1. That’s happen because we have grown but others are still there. They can’t understand what we are feeling and facing. They are still stuck in age old beliefs and ghissi pitti life patterns.

            I understand what you feel. This really suffocate sometimes. But fortunately at least here we have each other. We could perfectly understand each other, without being judgemental.

            Making new friends with same mental status is difficult. Yet I wish you luck. And if you find even one you are lucky. Nahi to hum dono to hain na at the end of the day 💖🤗

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        2. I get what you are saying here. Choosing to be a loner is not easy and very depressing too. Share with me whenever you feel like. I will pray you get someone who could be at same level mentally and emotionally to have a bond with you

          Umeed pe duniya kayam hai… ☺


  2. There is no perfect life while we’re in this imperfect and cursed world because of the sins of our fathers. Before we can be set free, we still let our light shines through to cheer up the ones around us. I admire your sense of responsibility and your spirit, Meenakshi!

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