O Traveller!

Treat# daily prompt # season 4# attempt 64

O traveller!
Travelling to far off places!
Leaving behind your memorable traces!
I want to ask you a few questions!

Dear traveller!
You have travelled so far
Across the towns,
Across the cities!
Across the countries too
But do you ever miss
Sweet motherland of you?
Or has she lost her charm
Before glowing beauty of,
Shining parts of the globe?

My dear traveller!
You must have enjoyed
Variety of dishes,
Many cuisines,
Delicious Treats!
But do you still crave for
Simple home cooked meals?
Of your own country!
Cooked in not so modular kitchen,
But stuffed with bulk of Love?

My charming traveller!
You must have met
Beautiful elegant girls,
With seductive smiles,
Big colourful eyes!
But do you still feel for
Soft heart of those, who
Care for you and live just to know
You stay safe and happy
Wherever you go?

Answer me!
My brilliant traveller!
Does journey of long miles
While adding wide experiences
New chapters in your life
Has the power to fade away memories?
Making one forget
Of their nest?
Is that real or just my fear?
Of never been able to see you again?

Till…I’m alive
And before…I die!

Image courtesy: Pinterest 

Copyright (c) 2018 Meenakshi Sethi,  Wings Of Poetry 

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