Last day of December of the year that is ending

Taking away with it a lot this time

Dividing my life in two parts

Before and after

Lost in restoring that is lost

I’m sitting on a chair inside my home

Filtering through the net door of my balcony

Warmth of Sun rays reaching towards me

Crossing so many layers of atmosphere

Without caring about distance of million kilometres

In lieu of need for belonging, I want to believe

They have travelled from Sun to Earth just for me

The warmth of this guest envelopes my freezed heart

Melting down my solitude and loneliness

Givig me some reassurance that

He himself cares for me

Then why I’m searching, desiring and needing

Something that is conditional and temporary

And taking another sip of green tea

I soak my inner and outer self

In pool of these selfless rays

Enjoying this apricity

Who doesn’t ask me any question

Neither put any condition

Before showering their love

I close my eyes and say my thanks

To that Mighty Sun for sending me his love!

Image courtesy: Pinterest 

Copyright (c) 2017 Meenakshi Sethi,  Wings Of Poetry 

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