Last Letter To A Soul Who Was My Brother!

Dear Honey

Your pleasant peaceful appearance in my dream made me write this final letter to you today. Thank you for giving me reassurance that you are at peace. I shared my dream with mom and her words made me realize it’s time now to release you. To let your soul move on peacefully towards new life.

Dear brother today I’m releasing you so that you could enter a new soul experience in a new and happy life. May your soul leave behind all the pains and sufferings of this past life. Don’t take with you any burden or botheration. Me, Parul, Mom and Dad we all are well. We have each other to take care of. You are free now of any responsibility towards us. You did your best in this life as a son and brother. Now it’s time to enjoy fruits of your good karmas.

This is my last letter to you. Your memories and love will stay with us forever. May you reach a new spiritual light and height in your new life. We will keep sending you our positive vibes and abundance of love. May universe will always keep you safe in it’s warmth and protection. Forgive me if I intentionally or unintentionally caused you any pain. 

Alvida bro!

15 thoughts on “Last Letter To A Soul Who Was My Brother!

    1. Thank you so much Vishal! Another beautiful thing happened last night. After posting my last letter to him I was sad. Last night the vision he gave me while I was half asleep and half awake is difficult to capture in words. It was something beyond words.

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