Miraculous# daily prompt # season 4# attempt 51

They have tremendous power on us
Words are miraculous
One word of love
From someone special
Is enough to fill lungs
With fuel of oxygen
One word of anger
From the same
Has the power to break
Snatching away
All peace
As if nothing is remain
Why we give so much importance
To mere words
Why can’t we live life
In full silence
Just communicating
Through feelings…

Copyright (c) 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

18 thoughts on “Words

  1. This reminds me of power of words in ted talks India show on star plus. Javed akhter talked about the power of words beautifully!!
    Someone like you who does meditation and is aware of the power of chants is well versed with the power of words.
    Words can make and break us specially if they are coming from important people in our life or people to whom we are mostly exposed to.
    Continuous criticism can cause self doubt, low morale, need for approval and depression.
    While a word of encouragement or even flattery can make us feel powerful, happy, strong and confident.
    Say happy with a smile 10 times and see the difference.

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    1. It’s even scientifically proven now Cherry. Keep two plants and for a month abuse one and appreciate other daily. After some time or within a month you will see the one which was abused will die.
      This happens with all of us. Words carry a power to make or break us. That’s why I always encourage my students and keep appreciating their attempts. And believe me they all are doing excellent not because I’m teaching them in a different way but these appreciations turn on their brighter side.

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      1. Respect. Your students will love you. I remember only those teachers who were good to me and taught me not just lessons but life lessons.
        The same reason makes boys turn into confident men and women into ladies with self doubt who question even the compliments or justify the compliments of good pic with a right angle, good camera or makeup. While a guy would look regular and yet look at the mirror and admire the look.

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