After I Leave…

Inheritance# daily prompt # season 4# attempt 43

One day when my sun will finally set down in the west

For rising again in some other plane and not this earth

One day when I will be relieved from all my duties towards this world

To join again in some other plane and not this earth

One day when I will get freedom from all judgements of fellow men

To be judged in some other plane and not this earth

That day my dear friend; disburse all my inheritance among all my loved ones

I won’t be able to carry anything in that other plane from your earth

Give all my patience to those who targeted me all the time only with their anger

I’m sure it won’t be needed there where no one is going to be short tempered

Give away all the strength that I had to those who tortured me believing I can’t oppose

It is of no use to carry it there where I won’t need to show I was strong

Give all my kindness to those whose cruelty crushed my soft soul

I’m very sure there on that plane no one will be cruel to the core

Give all the love I had inside, to the one whom I was not allowed to love

I don’t want to carry it with me as it doesn’t belong to anyone else

And all the materialistic things left just exhibit it to give away a message to the world

This has no value as it cannot give true happiness

Neirher on the journey ahead nor on this earth…

Copyright (c) 2017 Meenakshi Sethi,  Wings Of Poetry 

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