Dear Age!

Age# daily prompt # season 4# attempt 32

Dear Age,
Hi! How are you?
I’m in peace with growing numbers of you!
Are you happy spending time with me too?
We both started our journey together
Just like birds of same feathers
In every weather, smooth or rough
In every time easy or tough
You never left me alone
Always adding something more
Hope I didn’t disappoint too,
Behaved properly with every number of you!
At age of one to five
I was most wise
Living cheerfully day and night
With passing years
I may have changed a little
To be accepted by society and it’s people,
Like a good, obedient girl
But not always I was that decent
In some of growing years
I was not in agreement
With so called society and it’s norms
Anyway life is never uniform
But I have no complain dear against you
You are with me in every high and low
If given a chance
Would you like to change?
Story of you and me rewriting it again?
Have I lived you fully in every phase of you?
Or I didn’t do justice to some parts of you?
Tell me my friend, I won’t mind at all
But I can promise you, from now on…
I’m going to paint every year of us
Walking on new roads leaving our marks
Till we are together, let’s shine and spark!
Take care my friend now I need to go!
To enjoy the beauty of your glow!!
With love All Your’s 

Your partner, your soul!

Image courtesy: Pinterest 

Copyright (c) 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

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