Mental Bars

Zoo# daily prompt # season 4# attempt 30

If this whole world is a zoo,
Which animal are you?

The fierce lion or sexy tiger?
The naughty monkey or silly donkey?

Which animal’s traits you represent?
Are you a mixture of more than one?

In this increasing concrete jungle
All humans are like caged animals

Even worse than animals behind the bars
Who are actually helpless unlike humans

Caged in self created restrictions
Running up and down to get freedom

Without realizing no one else is binding us
This zoo is constructed by thoughts inside head

We are so lost in this mental slavery
That forgotten there is no lock and no key

Just inbuilt cage of our perceptions
And bars of illusions that are just fictions!

Copyright (c) 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry

27 thoughts on “Mental Bars

  1. It’s so true, Meenakshi. Many people are conditioned to see their restriction as real or perceived the condition we are put under as limitation. It takes insight and courage to break through the invisible cage. Well done!!

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  2. Sometimes restrictions help in making better choices by eliminating few options and it gets easier to deal with stuff
    Living inside the boundaries also means we will never get lost in the maze of world
    Just a way I see it

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    1. Your perspective is right in a way but when these boundaries hampers our growth and restrict us in a suffocative way then it’s necessary to use intellect and break these bars…which are actually nothing but our self imposed ones.

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      1. Agree nakshi πŸ’•
        We have been friends for too long, now it’s time to give you a personal nick name. Many might be calling you Meenu already and since I have to be different so I will call you nakshi from now on. Nakshi means carved and only beautiful flowers, sceneries and people are carved so I will call you nakshi 😍
        Have an amazing weekend ahead!!

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